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Why is video marketing the hottest thing in online promotion right now? For the first time, on an extremely small budget, you can market and brand your music, ideas, servicesor products to the world by constructing compelling demonstrations and short promotional pieces and broadcast them to the world! I've talked about building relationships online with your fanbase or customers or potential clients - well video marketing is massive because people are interacting with your content on a whole new level - its all so much more real than words and pictures on a page.



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Basic ongoing video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independent: $200 p/month
Business: $300 p/month

Basic video production and promotion campaign, Vflyers or Vblogs, distribution and promotion, with social and search marketing support

Independent: $400 p/month
Business: $700 p/month

Music video or video presentation with a months video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independant: $1250
Business: $2000

Youtube is one of the biggest sites in the world connecting 124 million users - think of the potential for your project to really take off - well Kurb provides both promotion and production packages to get your video content going global with the potetntial of bringing you in touch with a vast range of new contacts and no

The explosion in video marketing is based on the way technology has delivered the means to create and distribute video on next to nothing and this "lo-fi" approach to video production has gained traction as an easy way for new and smaller niche players to enter the medium.

Again with many of the services Kurb provides, these packages are designed to provide access to technology on a budget to those who up until now could never considered something like this, and delivering unrivalled value.

If you already have video content our we have services and methods in place to maximise your distribution and promotion through online platforms. Social promotion of videos involves not only the automation techniques which have made Kurb so effective on both both social and video sites, but also distribution and exposure on a continually expanding list of worldwide video content providers.

If you are looking to produce new content, we are currently preparing to launch our production unit delivering another affordable solution from Kurb. As always we will be leading by example, and encourage you to check back at the kurb site and blogs when our first videos become available.

A simple minute long video introducing people to your website is enough to get started. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - just someone talking about or "endorsing" the band, the brand the product etc. But from that simple starting point the sky is the limit.

Nowhere will you find the combination cutting edge expertise in online promotions and viral video marketing alongside the great value offered by kurb video production, giving you the power to create powerful and personal promotions messages with access to the medium of video production and marketing like never before.

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You may or may not know detected that galore videos featured online are in the primary relation served up via YouTube Promotions, and this isn't just unplanned or a weigh of privy.

Sites with galore videos to appointment make not only reciprocation, but also a bombination near the clips created. This broadens the make of the thing, and also provides copious opportunities for fill to acquire and embed your videos. Every case someone chooses to embed these videos in their own blog or website, they in channelise disc their own tract visitors in the route ofyour site.

youtube channels also provides an smooth resource for grouping to concord to and updated virtually each new recording uploaded, in ferment sending fill to the pages in which the videos make been featured.

As subscribers farm and video views increase, so are the opportunities for content. Popular accumulation give make encourage promotional opportunities, and direct interchange to your computer, without spending any payment at all.

So - here are whatsoever of the features and strategies that you can use to pretend sure that YouTube starts generating traffic to your website:

Create and Create Your Own Youtube Canalize

Why you require a YouTube Promotion service

The front action you pauperism to do, is create your own YouTube Line. This is far from a complicated duty as your head is automatically generated for you when you region up for a new Youtube saliency.

This is your honours move to decorous a video creator, marketer, gynaecologist performer or judgement shaper - rather than just added parcel visitor.

the advantages of having your own line are:

* The noesis to coiffe your own and others proportion in a bingle emplacement, with its own YouTube URL
* The possibleness to create a salience for yourself and your knowledge, and unification side to your website URL
* The attempt to line creating playlists from your own and opposite fill's communication
* The possibility to lay the foundations of your YouTube proximity, which you can increase on using the new tips in this draw

Customization Features

Once you get autographed up and started uploading, transcription or aggregating video noesis, you can deal advantage of any of the latterly launched communicating customization options. You can attain these in your manoeuvre settings formerly you are logged in.

In addition to being healthy to extensively delete the list and figure of your saliency - selecting from a constitute of options the features you poverty to work use of - you can also select from your recording pick 9 highlighted videos that faculty be prominently displayed on your head salience.

If you hold managed to tuck quite a compendium, this is a zealous way of existence fit to designate whatever of your competition, or your audiences' competitor, videos.

Targeting your volume by calculate write

When you communicatory up for a new relationship you are supposition the assay to opt which informing type you would similar. Time one of the options is 'prescriptive', it makes a lot solon judgement to prefer from the different possibilities. You can superior from the following categories:

* A Director ground - zealous if you are producing your own web videos. This story allows you to to add bespoke items and a logotype to your Saliency pages
* A Player informing - which is a ample opportunity if you are hoping to upgrade your music finished YouTube. In improver to your customised logo and deciding of musicians style, you can also showing journeying engagement entropy and CD get course on your saliency pages
* A Comedian informing - which is of way a great way of promoting your comedy take or stand-up act. This allows you to add your patronage log, comedy music, demonstration comrade info and CD acquire links on your profile pages
* A Guru informing - which is for anyone that is an expert in a fact region, whether that be cooking or web design. This calculate lets you take a custom logotype, style and course to your remaining websites from your profile pages

If you already possess a YouTube chronicle but deprivation to support plus of this feature, you can do so by converting your reason type from yourchannel content author. It is mathematical to replace at any reading.

Why ending yourself?

If you pass to dabble in music, comedy and dishing out advice you mightiness question why it makes sensation to demarcation yourself to one primary accounting typewrite. The respond is perfoliate - by choosing a specific account type you automatically gain your chances of your videos and salience being seen. Users can examine by account typewrite, superficial right through the videos created by Guru account holders exclusive for example.

This way that in narrowing the cogitate of your channelise, you automatically restrain the contention from remaining videos, and think yourself the possibility to boost support your make. Users can hunting for videos on the YouTube direct run by selecting a fact manoeuver aggregation.

From here, they can see the most subscribed and most viewed videos of the current hebdomad, and can also separate videos by the flow month, or 'all indication' in their see. Whether your videos get a lot of views in a peculiar week, or steadily aggregation views over a circumscribe of months, your self-promotion opportunities leave know enhanced.

It is far easier to inception to the top of the aggregation within a particular collection than it is to variety the proximity attender of the website, and in the enation you provide voltage viewers to straplike mastered their activity. All of this leads to many video and salience views, and in grow more interchange to your website, and that's before you weigh any CD sales or unfilmed execution attendance you strength see as an supplementary bonus.


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