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To most small business managers who have never tried or don't understand PPC or online advertising, it may seem like a punt. But then I've never experienced poor ROI with PPC and adwords. I started of with fair results; and as I became more experienced, they just got better.

The only problem I had was getting too much business and having to turn my ads off to cope with all the orders! But adwords is so flexible and responsive, it's the perfect advertising solution for those who want to be in control and have access to every detail.

What's my estimate of ROI on PPC? Oh about %1000, give or take. I'd estimate the average cost of a sale through my disc media business with PPC at around $7-8; I would estimate the profit on each sale as averaging conservatively, around $100.

Pay per click advertising on Google and other content networks is the fastest and most powerfully qualified option for your small business advertising spending in 2009. In the right hands, PPC management could literally change your business overnight.

With as little as $20 p/week you can begin highly measured and precisely targeted campaigns with us on Google Adwords. Adwords is great for any service business or business offering high value products and is even more effective when targeting genders, age groups and cities/regions. Even amateurs can return positive ROI advertsing on Google through Adwords but experience in using the adwords PPC system can lead to radically enhanced results.


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The greatest thing about adwords is that it delivers and as long as your website is of a decent standard, we can be collecting red hot sales leads by tomorrow!

The level of personal customisation and targeting offered by Adwords campaigns makes this the future of advertising. This is advertising 2.0. You make up your ad text, decide who sees it deteremined by location, and search word queries, how much you want to spend, per day, per month, per lead. You see you only pay when someone actually comes to your site through the ad.

If you don't understand adwords completely, we can conduct and provide setailed reports on every aspect of our campaign, so you're not missing out on one of the most powerful techniques available to small businesses today. I would suggest a budget of $50-$400 p/month for your PPC campaign.

Adwords is as solid as it comes for your marketing dollar. Like your website, these campaigns will grow as they are groomed and tweaked to optimised perfection.

Just briefly, in explaining some of the detailed understanding that is required to manage an adwords or ppc campaign online, you can appreciate why google is so powerful when they are able to engineer such powerful marketing and advertising systems as this. Part of that engineering is their commitment to creating valuable experience for their users, and they create value by favouring relevance in all things.

When this is applied to ppc campaigns, you might start to understand why detailed and exhaustive niche breakdowns, relentless testing of adsand analysis of data

PPC also has other uses beyond advertising. It can also be used effectively as a research tool to guage interest in new products or services, or to test markets and your competition.

Maybe I've found my calling, but I honestly find it hard to see how PPC advertising campaigns could possibly fail but I'm sure they do. Most likely it's because as I've mentioned, the marketer is throwing money into marketing a website without a proven sales record.

It's just important to note at this point that in my experience in my 3 years of dedicated internet marketing using examples like myspace, things that seem to generate results quickly are not likely to remain so rewarding, so it's important to be leveraging what you can until you can carry over into the next powerful new internet marketing strategies that become available.

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